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  • Maple Lotus = Optimal Pain Relief: I have struggled for years trying to find neurological and muscle pain relief from injuries I sustained while deployed to Afghanistan. The CBD Tincture has been a true lifesaver. Instead of using VA prescribed narcotics, I choose Maple Lotus products. They have helped me take control of my life again.

    — Ryan

  • 5 Stars for a 5 Star Product: I first began to use this CBD product for sleep. IT WORKS!!! I take a dropper before bed and I am out for the night. And I feel totally fresh in the morning. My wife Dorothy is using it now and it has helped her with Fall allergy issues. Also, it is helping me with a tooth issue. The Maplelotus brand keeps well in the fridge month after month. This is an excellent product and I recommend to anyone who is interested in what this stuff can do. Also. I am a regular golf and tennis player who is in decent shape… I feel this CBD brand has helped to keep me ache and pain free. This is a five star product.

    — Steve

  • Great for ADHD and pain relief!!: I’ve been using MapleLotus CBD oil for over a year now. To give you some background, a few years ago I was diagnosed with ADHD, however, I soon learned adderall was not for me, it left me feeling anxious and jittery. When it comes to CBD or anything Cannabis related, I’m quite critical, as all of a sudden scientist and entrepreneurs have found this plant which has been around forever, and all of a sudden it’s the miracle cure for everything.

    — Indy

  • Suffering from Breast Cancer and Pain: I am now going through chemo and radiation as my cancer has spread to my blood and my brain. I had been under so much pain in my body I was not able to cope with the extremity of the pain. After taking the Tincture by MapleLotus, my pain has subdued. It is nothing less than a miracle! I am able to walk again and this is just me using it for less than a week... I am hoping and praying 🙏. God bless the people at MapleLotus.

    — Rose

  • I was never a believer in CBD, but after I spoke to a few of my friends they told me that I needed to use it for my anxiety and RLS (restless leg syndrome) I never wanted to try any medicine that would give me side effects and this is nothing less than a miracle that it can give me so much ease from the restless nights that I had to spend tossing and turning without getting any rest.

    — Bobby

  • This is an amazing company with the best, most caring, and humble ownership. They go above and beyond to take care of their customers. The product is pure, organic and effective! I will not use any other brand of CBD other than MapleLotus!

    — Jenan

  • A product that actually works: When we think of CBD we don’t always think about it for our furry friends of family aka pets. My puppy had a spay done and post op had received morphine for pain, when I got her home she was screaming and writhing in pain. The vet told me she could not have anything at all after procedure since it was already given after surgery in office. After giving her a dose of maplelotus cbd (for pets) her pain was relieved and she actually slept without crying or in any pain. It helped her anxiety, her pain, and for her to relax to get comfortable to sleep. Beyond all this she re awoke with an appetite and ready to be the puppy she was destined to be. Thank you for an amazing product in helping miss Greta!

    — Ashlee

  • CBD for parent: We ordered cbd drops from maplelotus for my mother's back and joint pains. The product is amazing as my mom had experienced immense relief and has been very comfortable since. The whole experience from ordering to delivery was very smooth as well. Highly recommend the product.

    — Gurpreet

  • This is an excellent product, sold from a trusted source, at a great price. We are happy with the results and will only use MapleLotus products.

    — Megha

  • This stuff is absolutely amazing!!! Relieves all the pain… works so well. I will continue to order from them!

    — Sunit

  • This stuff works: I have been using the tincture for few days now for my neck pain. It has considerably reduced my pain when I used it regularly.

    — Kulbir

  • After being diagnosed with cml, MapleLotus had helped me in ways I cannot explain.

    — Gaurav

  • Act as natural healing: Act as natural healing. Love this product.

    — Pal

  • Great stuff from great people. A reliable company that cares about customer experience and actual quality product. 10/10 recommend. Would give more than 5 stars if I could.

    — Parth

  • Some of the best I've ever had and I've tried a lot!!! I have been using CBD for minor pain and to help me go to sleep for years. This by far is one of the best I've ever had. I even have my father inlaw taking it for his rheumatoid arthritis it was a total game changer for him!! Thanks.

    — Anthony